• Discover Effective Hair Removal Treatment Options.

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    It is overwhelming to sort through all of the latest hair removal treatment options including razors, lasers, wax, creams, and much more. Getting rid of unwanted hair on the body should not be difficult or confusing. The following information will show the top benefits of choosing laser hair removal and why it is a simple and effective treatment option.

    Target The Hair Follicle.

    When searching for the most effective way to remove hair it is important to focus on the hair follicle. Laser removal treatments are extremely precise and target deep into the hair follicle. This type of hair removal process is very safe and has been tested and proven to be effective for over twenty years.

    Home and Salon Treatment Options.

    One of the best benefits of choosing laser removal treatments is the opportunity to do it at home or in a salon. The overall technology is very safe …

  • Getting Good Dental Care Wherever One Lives

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    Getting good dental care can improve one’s health and make them more attractive. Everyone wants a beautiful smile and healthy teeth make for the best smile possible. But, to have a healthy smile a person must take care of their teeth and gums. Regular dental checkups are important because this is where cavities and gum disease are discovered. When problems are found early they are easier and cheaper to treat. Dental problems such as gum disease and infected teeth can lead to more serious health problems.

    Finding Dental Information

    People who are seeking dental information can go online to an informative post. They can also contact local dental clinics and arrange for a dental exam and treatment for outstanding problems with their mouth. There are online sites that list approved dental clinics by area and specialty. These sites also rate the dentists for quality and customer satisfaction. The first …

  • Insurance Options for People on Medicare

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    Medicare offers great insurance coverage for seniors who need to receive care in a hospital. However, seniors who are relatively healthy may find that using only Medicare can leave them with a lot of out-of-pocket costs. The 20 percent coinsurance for doctor visits can be challenging for older people on a fixed income. Fortunately, there are solutions to this problem. Seniors who purchase Medigap insurance may be more likely to visit their doctor when they need to and less likely to need hospital care.

    What Medigap Covers

    Medigap policies are secondary to Medicare. This means they pick up the difference between the allowed charges and what Medicare pays. These fees would normally be passed on to the patient. This means when a senior chooses one of these insurance options, they won’t have to pay the per diem Part A copay for hospital stays or the 20 percent coinsurance for …

  • Cosmetic Dental Procedures and Insurance

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    Elective cosmetic dental procedures are not covered by dental insurance policies. Professional whitening, for example, is a procedure people have done strictly to improve the brightness of their smiles. The several hundred dollars for that procedure will come entirely out of patient’s pockets. Try a much more cost-effective, at-home whitening kit first.

    Partial Insurance Coverage

    There are cases when cosmetic procedures are necessary for proper oral health. Braces are an example. Adults may want braces because their teeth are not perfectly straight, which will not be covered by insurance. Some adolescents need braces to correct a misaligned bite or overcrowding in the mouth. The procedure for them will improve the ability to chew and speak, make maintaining proper oral hygiene easier for their lifetimes, and prevent pain in the jaw and oral cavity. Due to the nature of the procedure, insurance companies may provide partial coverage.

    Implants are another example. …

  • Finding an Insurance Policy for Physicians Based on Their Area of Specialty

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    When it comes to a person’s health, having the appropriate health insurance is vital. Unfortunately, accidents and illnesses occur that prevent the individual from working. Physician Disability insurance helps to replace lost income due to these unforeseen circumstances. InsureSTAT works with individuals to help them understand what their eligibility is based on their monthly benefits and to determine if they need to supplement any areas. There are other options that can be customized to individuals to fit any and all needs. You can view this page, insurestat.com, to learn more about the different options and the benefits of having this insurance plan.

    A Closer Look At The Insurance Policy And Who It Is Meant For

    InsureSTAT is a private insurance agency that provides policies regarding disability income protection for people in the medical profession. These policies are best purchased when the individual is younger because prices are lower. These …

  • The Work of Jim Plante Will Make the Klotho Hormone More Familiar to the General Public

    Health Care & Medical

    People in general tend to know at least a little bit about certain naturally occurring hormones, such as estrogen, testosterone, melatonin and adrenaline. One hormone that most people probably still aren’t familiar with is known as Klotho, which is a gene and a protein. Because of the work of entrepreneurs like Jim Plante, information about the Klotho hormone is becoming more widely known.

    The Function of Hormones

    Hormones regulate and control various processes, including sleep, hunger, sex drive and many others. They function as chemical messengers, traveling through the blood to different parts of the body. They have effects on behavior, personality and overall health. Imbalances, such as too much or too little of a specific hormone, can cause a variety of problems.

    The Klotho Protein

    The Klotho protein is connected with positive effects on longevity, cognitive function and physical health. It is important in the metabolism of certain …

  • How Jim Plante Leads Companies Of Any Size To Success Through Innovation And Technology

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    No matter how successful an entrepreneur may be, it is easy for complacency to build and cause them to miss out on lucrative business opportunities that will serve to benefit them and the company they own. Rather than losing out on potential revenue streams, more and more business owners are choosing to utilize a consultant. Often they will have advanced knowledge of an industry combined with a third-party perspective which will allow them to help a company better capitalize on opportunities and generate unprecedented success.

    Product Development

    For a company to retain a competitive advantage, they must continuously develop new products or services so that they maintain their current customer base and attract new consumers. The problem is that creating a product isn’t easy, as there is a vast array of testing and research that must take place. Let a professional with development knowledge ease the burden by creating a …

  • The Work of Jim Plante May Be of Interest to Patients Diagnosed With Polycystic Kidney Disease

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    Being diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease (PKD) can feel overwhelming, leaving the patient scared of how the illness may progress. The person may have already been afraid this diagnosis would be made since a large majority of people with PKD have a parent with the illness. Patients recently diagnosed with PKD may be interested in reading about the work of Jim Plante and the companies this entrepreneur has founded. Their work focuses on genetic testing for disease prevention and wellness enhancement, as well as potential treatments for kidney disease and other debilitating disorders.

    Disease Progression

    Many people live for decades with PKD and do not develop any major issues. Others experience chronic kidney failure at some point because the cysts in these organs have become so prevalent that waste can no longer be filtered effectively. At this point, patients typically need to begin regular dialysis treatments and may be added …

  • Jim Plante and the Fight Against Polycystic Kidney Disease

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    Jim Plante, the founder of Pathway Genomics and Klotho Therapeutics, has a personal reason for being concerned about polycystic kidney disease, or PKD. This genetic disorder runs in his family, and he himself has been diagnosed with it. A primary focus for Klotho Therapeutics is to use a human protein that functions as a hormone to delay or entirely prevent the development of this disorder.

    About PKD

    The genetic mutation causes cysts to form in the kidneys, limiting their ability to filter waste from the blood effectively. The cysts are not cancerous, but they interfere with kidney function and may eventually cause kidney failure. About 50 percent of patients with PKD experience kidney failure by their senior years. People with chronic renal failure must have regular dialysis treatments or a kidney transplant to survive. Cysts sometimes begin developing in other organs too—most frequently the liver.

    Rarely, a patient is …

  • Jim Plante Pushes for Innovation in the Healthcare Industry

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    With more than 20 years experience working in the healthcare field, and having personal experience of his own thanks to his father, Jim Plante has made quite the splash in the healthcare industry. With a goal for further innovation and research, Plante is taking on all he can to make it happen. He has founded several organizations and helped paved the way for other innovators like himself to continue on with the work that will make major improvement across biotechnology and other related fields.

    Pathway Genomics

    In 2008, Plante founded the company Pathway Genomics. He acted as CEO and chairman on the Board of Directors. He began the company after being inspired by his father’s story. His dad had polysystic kidney disease, which led to kidney failure since there was no cure and no real way to study one at the time. After being diagnosed the disease himself, Plante knew …

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