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Natural methods are a trend towards returning to basic skincare concepts, as more and more women are convinced of the harmful effects that chemicals in cosmetics can have on the skin.

Most beauty care products accessible are excessively forceful for the skin and as opposed to fathoming the skin viewpoints they are devoted to – for example, wrinkles or skin inflammation – rather leave the skin bothered and red. This is the reason ladies want to settle on a characteristic way to deal with the skin.

Healthy skin is maintained with items that don’t contain chemicals, however just common fixings is by all accounts the most recent design in beauty care products. The segments of these items is delicate and in powerful, nature giving us a huge abundance of solutions.

As a category of substances, the skin needs: antioxidants, ingredients that facilitate intracellular communication and cell-communicating ingredients, ingredients that act as skin-identical ingredients and anti-irritants. But these are just a few of the long list of new components that come to the attention of cosmetic manufacturers. Read this.

All these categories of substances help hydrating the skin, because in essence the skin needs optimal moisture to be healthy, beautiful and to look younger. Hydration is the basis for skin care. Moreover, all beauty products, whether for anti-aging cosmetics, for firmness, anti-wrinkle or otherwise, act by hydrating the skin, even if the manufacturers are bringing in a wonder ingredient that that cream contains. Every cosmetic product contains many good and very good ingredients that together have positive effects on the skin, but it would be harder for people to understand this, and that is why we are told that we have a product with olive oil or argand, or pomegranate extract or any other plant.

Antioxidants fight free radicals (known to cause skin aging).

Ingredients that act like skin cells improve skin protection and help protect themselves from harmful environmental agents and maintain optimal moisture levels once they receive it from cosmetics, masks or treatments. These substances maintain the natural structure of the skin because they are, in fact, the intracellular matrix or the substances between the skin cells, those that support its natural structure, which hold the skin cells together and give it its beautiful appearance.

Ingredients that facilitate intracellular communication help all kinds of skin cells (immune cells, collagen, elastin) to perform their normal functions. While antioxidants prevent aging of the skin by blocking the harmful action of free radicals, substances that facilitate intracellular communication “tell” the skin to function normally and not listen to other substances that tell it to function abnormally (if we try a simplified explanation). Practically, these substances help to regenerate skin cells well.

Some examples of antioxidants: alpha-lipoic acid, beta-glucan, coenzyme Q10, vitamin C (as ascorbic palmitate, ascorbic magnesium palmitate), vitamin E (alpha tocopherol, tocotrienols), green tea, grape seed extract, sterols extracted from soybean, superoxide dismutase (SOD), pomegranate, curcumin, turmeric, etc.

Some examples of skin-like ingredients: antioxidants, ceramides, lecithin, glycerin, polysaccharides, hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate, amino acids, cholesterol, glycerol, phospholipids, glycosphingolipid-lipids, glycosaminoglycans, glycerides, fatty acids and many more.

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Some examples of substances that facilitate cell-communicating ingredients: retinol (vitamin A), niacinamide (vitamin B3), peptides, etc.

Some examples of anti-irritant substances: alantoin, aloe, bisabolol, burdock root, chamomile extract, glycerin, grape extract, green tea, sweet root, vitamin C, white willow, willow bark, yoghurt , etc.

The most common skin cleansing agents are the soaps, which have a pH between 11 and 14, making them perfect for fatty skin, but unsuitable for normal or mixed skin care; for this reason, their use should be avoided in dry or aged skin. Many cleaning agents such as lotions, gels, foams or oils have appeared as an alternative to washing with water and soap. All of these formulations have three main ingredients: oil, wax and water, in varying proportions from product to product, depending on the type of skin for which care is intended for each. Children’s oils can be used as dry skin cleaners.

Cosmetic products are used by everyone in increasing quantities. But not all of their ingredients are beneficial to our body. It seems absurd and you wonder why those ingredients are allowed, but they have a precise role and do not harm the skin, at least in the short term, but in the long run it is detrimental because they can accumulate, becoming toxic to the whole organism.


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