Finding an Insurance Policy for Physicians Based on Their Area of Specialty

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When it comes to a person’s health, having the appropriate health insurance is vital. Unfortunately, accidents and illnesses occur that prevent the individual from working. Physician Disability insurance helps to replace lost income due to these unforeseen circumstances. InsureSTAT works with individuals to help them understand what their eligibility is based on their monthly benefits and to determine if they need to supplement any areas. There are other options that can be customized to individuals to fit any and all needs. You can view this page,, to learn more about the different options and the benefits of having this insurance plan.

A Closer Look At The Insurance Policy And Who It Is Meant For

InsureSTAT is a private insurance agency that provides policies regarding disability income protection for people in the medical profession. These policies are best purchased when the individual is younger because prices are lower. These prices are also fixed for the person’s whole career. It can also be transferred from state to state. Depending on the person’s area of training, they may be eligible for other discounts, including employer paid discounts. Information needed to determine the best policy include the location of your training, what your medical specialty, what your graduation date is and your current age. This will allow quotes to be put together so that a dialogue can begin regarding the the different companies and their policies.

Factors That Can Affect Costs

Disability insurance is based on the likelihood of developing a chronic disease. The field of practice also plays a significant role in determining pricing. For example, the more invasive the field entered is, the higher the cost will be. This is because surgery is involved, tools and instruments are used, as well as prescribing various medications. Surgeons, emergency medicines and anesthesiologists have higher costs than family medicine, internal medicine and pediatricians.

Insurance policies can get a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, there are various companies that will do the work for you to find the best policy based on your information and the the area of specialty. Contact them today to learn more and to be on your way to securing your ability to earn an income.


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