Jim Plante Pushes for Innovation in the Healthcare Industry

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With more than 20 years experience working in the healthcare field, and having personal experience of his own thanks to his father, Jim Plante has made quite the splash in the healthcare industry. With a goal for further innovation and research, Plante is taking on all he can to make it happen. He has founded several organizations and helped paved the way for other innovators like himself to continue on with the work that will make major improvement across biotechnology and other related fields.

Pathway Genomics

In 2008, Plante founded the company Pathway Genomics. He acted as CEO and chairman on the Board of Directors. He began the company after being inspired by his father’s story. His dad had polysystic kidney disease, which led to kidney failure since there was no cure and no real way to study one at the time. After being diagnosed the disease himself, Plante knew he wanted to begin his research. He worked with his team to create advanced genetic testing methods that would help improve the health of countless people.

Other Achievements

The Foundation for Kidney Transplant Research was started by Plante himself. He vowed to offer his time, money, and services to delve deeper into research for kidney transplants, much like the one he himself had to have due to his inherited disease. He also created several patents in fields of both technology and biotechnology, as well as earned a membership to the International Trade Advisory Committee.

Klotho Therapuetics

After stepping down as CEO of Pathway Genomics, Plante founded a new company, Klotho Therapeutics. There he works on finding treatments for kidney disease, as well as other major diseases that affect the lives of countless people around the world. He also spends some time working with Thynk Capital, which is in the early stages as a company. The investment firm focuses on healthcare, technology, and biotechnology.

Plante pushes for innovation in the healthcare industry in everything he does. From his time as CEO with Pathway Genomics to his many other achievements, the man who was once an investor and leader in technology has become a well-known name in biotechnology and healthcare. His work with genetics has paved the way for global changes that people around the world can benefit from greatly.


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