Learn About Four Types of Essential Oils With Information From Life Science Publishers

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Many people enjoy the scents of their favorite essential oils to have enhancing the air at home with a lovely fragrance like sandalwood, lavender, orange or ginger. Complementary health care practitioners also use these oils in aromatherapy for healing and various positive effects. Each oil and scent is known to have certain properties that make them useful for specific purposes. Someone who would like to use essential oils in this way might want to read detailed information provided by a source such as Life Science Publishers.


This is one of the more popular fragrances simply used to enhance the environment. People who like to have sandalwood essential oil in an electric diffuser or candle-heated burner may not consciously realize the aromatherapy benefits they gain. They might feel compelled to burn the oil when they need to concentrate on a project or when they feel stressed. Sandalwood is known for boosting mental clarity and for creating a sense of calmness.


This scent is also known for bringing about a feeling of calmness. Research has even found it to be beneficial in the nursing home setting to calm agitated patients. In the residential setting, it can ease stress and anxiety when a person is facing challenges and needs some tranquility. Lavender may be used increase the ability to fall asleep easily and to experience restful sleep.


What if somebody is looking for an invigorating, energizing scent instead of one that promotes a calm feeling? The fragrance of orange is one that fits this intended use. This aroma may even allow the person to cut back on caffeine intake. Interestingly, although orange essential oil is recognized for these effects, it also appears to lower blood pressure.


This is another fragrance that boosts energy. It is known for improving mood and having uplifting characteristics. It’s no wonder that peppermint is the classic candy associated with the holiday season. Joy is in the air as people socialize with friends and family, giving and receiving gifts to show their affection. A drop of orange combined with the peppermint is an intriguing combination that many people enjoy.


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