An Easier Way to Complete Massage Therapist Soap Notes

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Every medical professional becomes involved in their career because they want to help people. The sad fact is that many spend more time each day preparing paperwork instead of communicating with their patients. This is true even for massage therapists that sometimes find themselves working twice as long on their soap notes as they did working with the patient. There is a better solution, and it may even improve the quality of the notes.

Why Paperwork Matters

Medical documents provide a description of the condition of the patient, the work performed and the result of that work. A massage therapist soap notes detail the objective of the appointments and show the progress made towards reaching those objectives. If the treatment is not working or additional complication arise, this is also noted so the patient can get more effective care.

How Software Helps

The use of soap software turns a long and involved task into something that can be done effectively in a matter of minutes. The patients get the same level of care, the professional can have a clear and concise record and the clinic can schedule more appointments without overworking the staff or forcing patients into long wait times. The therapist answers some basic questions and the forms are completed by the software.

Reduces Paper Waste

Specialized software enables offices to maintain a digital file system. The records take up much less space than paper files, are fast to access and can contain much more detail than paper documents. All of the digital files are safer, with the proper storage and backup systems in place, than they would be as paper files. In addition, the confidentiality of the patient is better protected in the digital format.

There is no longer any reason for therapists and other professionals to waste time on preparing long, detailed reports by hand. It reduces the amount of office staff and space needed to maintain professional records. The same information is now processed and put into the patient files in less time, so the massage therapist can concentrate on spending time with their patients instead of with their paperwork.


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