What Should Patients Expect From Botox Treatments?

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Botox is a cosmetic treatment that can be administered to areas of the face that are wrinkled and showing signs of aging. It is also used to treat certain health conditions such as migraines and overactive bladder. When a person is considering Botox, they need to know what they can expect from the process so they will be properly prepared. With this treatment, individuals can look much younger than they ever imagined so they can regain their confidence.

What Is Botox?

Botox is a treatment option that helps to relax the treated areas so the skin is made smoother. The results of Botox will typically last about six months. Some people need to have Botox treatments every two months while others can expect their results to last up to twelve. This material is injected into the treatment site so it can go to work on relaxing the muscles. When the muscles are relaxed, the skin smooths out and is no longer wrinkled and lined.

What Can Patients Expect?

The first step that will be carried out during treatment is for the skin to be cleaned. The skin in that area will then be treated with a topical numbing agent so the injections are not felt. Immediately after the procedure, it is normal for a person to experience some degree of redness and swelling. This will typically subside after about ten minutes. It takes about a week for a person to begin noticing positive results from their treatment.

Most people do not experience any major discomfort but irritation can sometimes occur. Bruising can also sometimes occur but is not all that common. It is important a person follows the instructions of their doctor so they can get the best results possible.

After three months, some individuals will need to seek a second treatment to continue the positive results of Botox. This helps to remove static lines that have become deeply embedded in the skin.

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