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Your Ultimate Guide to Automated Hair Transplant Machines

Are you currently experiencing alopecia? Alopecia or hair loss can result in low self-esteem and poor self-image. Have you tried multiple ways of restoring your hair but still a failure? The medical term for hair loss is alopecia, wherein both men and women can suffer from this condition, but it’s a good thing that hair transplantation and other hair restoration options are now available for everybody. Both non-scarring and scarring hair loss patients can greatly benefit from this hair restoration solution. Hair loss or alopecia can greatly affect an individual’s self-confidence, self-image, and total well-being. A good characteristic of an effective hair restoration procedure is a natural-looking hairline with minimum signs of surgical linear scarring. Automated hair transplant machines were born due to many years of research and development, helping the doctor in performing hair transplantation with the use of the follicular unit extraction technique for a faster extraction rate of grafts in a limited period.

An automated hair transplant method called NeoGraft is based on follicular unit extraction using less invasive micro-surgical procedure for automating the removal, collection, and placement of individual follicular grafts. It involves follicular grafting using the strip technique, wherein there is the removal of donor strip of hair-bearing skin from the back of the head, and follicular units are dissected, and eventually transplanted into balding areas. For those individual with tighter scalps, for those people who wish to wear their hair short, those donor sites with previous scars, and for those people who tend to scar easily, they can highly benefit from automated transplantation applying the follicular unit extraction treatment. NeoGraft is a device applying the method of extracting each follicular bundle using the FUE technique. As compared to other types of FUE, NeoGraft does not need the use of forceps. Compression or harsh pulling of the delicate follicles are prevented. This is a state-of-the-art hair restoration technique and machine.

The NeoGraft is equipped with user-friendly touchscreen to keep patient records, avoid follicular desiccation with storage containers, and easy usage of implanter tools and follicle graft harvester with wireless foot pedal. This automated hair transplantation machine can address trauma, procedural fatigue, and follicle dehydration associated with FUE-based hair transplant surgery. NeoGraft utilizes advanced FUE surgery due to its dual set of harvesting and implantation tools, to help reduce fatigue and the surgical time. If you want to know more about NeoGraft and FUE, you can visit our homepage or website now. Are you willing to try NeoGraft right now? NeoGraft is truly a gift of science and technology, and it is the promising of the newest hair restoration that is made possible with the use of less invasive machine and technique through follicular unit extraction.

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